A/C Repairs

A/C Repairs

Have a broken car A/C? Don does not sweat it. If your car air conditioner is not working, Sujith Auto Electrical (Pvt) Ltd professionals are adept at diagnosing a car A/C repair problem. Common A/C problems include:

  • Hot air blowing out of the A/C
  • Lack of pressure when the air blows out
  • Failure to blow air at all

When you bring your car into Sujith Auto Electrical (Pvt) Ltd, our experienced tire and auto service professionals can perform an A/C Performance Check to diagnose why the car A/C is having a problem and what needs to be repaired. Car A/C problems can stem from many issues, including a Freon leak from a cracked original seal in the A/C line, a worn-out filter/condenser, a loose wire, or excessive heat radiation from the engine. Our technicians will figure out the root of your car A/C problem